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Home New to Massage?

Meet your massage therapist

Ask the therapist if  it is necessary to bathe or shower.
Avoid eating a big meal prior to the appointment to avoid pain during the massage. Keep caffeine to a minimum or forego it completely for the day.  Ideally, it is best to drink more water and take in your body weight divided into ounces.
Drinking alcohol will raise toxin levels in your blood which is counter-productive for a massage. Barefaced with limited or no makeup, hair spray, perfume, lotions, and other products are best left off for today.
Bring an extra towel for any gel, lotion or oil to wipe off after your session. Bad hair day can happen with a massage because the therapist is working on the neck, shoulders and scalp.

If you plan to have a neck and scalp massage, this is not the goal of the therapist for it to be neat and tidy.  Massage is meant to be a relaxed pace for you as well as it is for the massage therapist.  Ideally, if you can make your appointment when you are not rushed, your massage will be more productive if not rushed to and from.

Time your appointment so you can go home and rest after a massage or with little or no obligations to give you a better deal for that day.  If you have the opportunity to soak in a sauna or a hot tub prior to your massage your muscles will be ready to relaxed and assist with the purpose of your massage.

[messagebox msgstyle=”red”]***Please arrive 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork or go to “Contact Us” and print the section for Client Intake Form and bring with you to  your first appointment. Make sure to inform the massage therapist off any specific problem areas.[/messagebox]

During your visit

Your experience will be comfort and relaxation based if you want relaxation or a deeper massage. Deep Massage requires your feedback and trigger point therapy and stripping of the muscles can cause discomfort. Prior to your massage, I will have you fill out a short intake form and I will address areas that will be your focus for the session.  The form is strictly confidential but used to track your progress.

Questions will be asked to tailor your massage.  You will undress to your comfort level.  I will leave the room and knock when I reenter the room.

During the massage

You’ll be asked to do some deep breathing, let me know if you feel tension, if you have any referred pain.  Only the area that I am working on is exposed either under a towel or sheet for your privacy.  If at any time my pressure is too much or too little you have the right to inform me.  Talking is permitted during the session but the focus is your goal for the session.  It is alright to fall asleep but deep pressure requires your feedback.

Massages can be sedating and you may experience dizziness. That is normal. I will ask you to get up slowly from the table to prevent falling. I will leave the room for you to get dressed. If you have any questions we can address or I can show you some techniques that will keep you mobile till the area heals or you return for another massage.

After the massage and follow up

It will include what took place during the massage and if any changes took place.  I will offer you water to help flush out toxins.  Important to drink more after the massage.  WARNING!  Massage and Alcohol do not mix.  If any alcohol has been consumed prior to massage, I will not work on you.  You must wait 2 hours after to resume any alcohol because it can make you sick.