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I am so impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and effective care that I have received from Dr. Zhou. I will admit that I had been skeptical of acupuncture in the past, but my opinion is now completely reversed. Dr. Zhou provides a very personal evaluation followed by acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, and Chinese massage known as Tui na (pronounced “Twee nah”) to relieve pain and remediate the causes of discomfort in the body. Dr. Zhou provides a wide selection of traditional Chinese herbs and medicines to compliment treatment. I can provide the highest recommendation for Dr. Zhou and his abilities to use traditional Chinese healing techniques combined with chiropractic and massage therapy. If you are suffering from lingering pain, discomfort, or desire to experience a calming and unique method to restore balance to your state of being, this healing method is for real and well worth your time to explore.

Stephen Dake

I presented to Dr. Zhou’s office after struggling many years with a clinically diagnosed inflammatory autoimmune disease, and taking traditional “Western” medications that never did me much good. As a medical doctor myself, I did research to try and discover the cause of my illness as well as figure out a way to heal myself, to no avail. I have always been open to “alternative” medicine, and a colleague of mine had recommended Dr. Zhou. After only several treatments my symptoms were markedly improved. The most impressive thing to me was coming in one day with neck pain that had me in bed, out of work, and on pain pills, and that it was completely GONE after a treatment of acupuncture and massage. You simply cannot replicate this kind of success with anything I have in my little black medical bag, and with no medication you can buy at your local pharmacy. I will definitely recommend Dr. Zhou to my patients before whipping out my prescription pad!!!

Gayl Hamilton, MD

Many Thanks For helping me function at a higher level! Best wishes.

Mike Eaves, Head Hockey Coach at UWHead Hockey Coach at UW

Dr.Zhou, you’ve helped me feel much better. – You are the Best

Barry Alvarez, Wisconsin Athletic DirectorWisconsin Athletic Director